Have you seen the new G-Touch® Tables that inspire fun learning with subject specific content yet?

Pre-loaded with a diverse arrange of software to help with numeracy, literacy, creative, music, art and many other subjects, these tables have multi-touch capability that allows several children to interact with the screen simultaneously, cultivating social skills like teamwork and communication.

In addition to functioning as traditional horizontal tables, they can also be tilted at a 75-degree angle for comfortable seated use. And as the tables are equipped with wheels, they can even be transported between rooms.

Each G-Touch tables includes 22 pre-installed educational apps, and comes with an accompanying App Store, to provide an easy and convenient way to access further educational content. The store has over 80 different apps categorised by key-stage, plus there’s a robust search function to help find the right solution via keywords.

Other key features include:
• Tilting and lockable screen
• Screen can be adjusted through a 75-degree angle
• Comfortable viewing experience that optimises touch interaction
• Available to purchase in a number of different colours
• Screens are made with anti-bacterial paint, for hygiene and easy cleaning
• Integrates with the Google Play Store
• Equipped with built-in Windows PC, to transform it into a fully functional desktop computer
• Includes a variety of ports to allow other devices to be connected
• Crystal-clear sound with 15W speakers to deliver dynamic and immersive audio
• Stunning visuals with full 1080P resolution
• Equipped with an Intel i5 Processor and Windows 10
• Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities giving seamless integration with other devices and networks
• 240GB Hard Disk Storage providing plenty of space for storing content

To find out more about the full range, please get in touch.


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