Organisations often assume that their Microsoft 365 data is safe, either that it gets dealt with as part of other backup processes, or that Microsoft looks after it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case!

Microsoft 365 data usually isn’t covered by general backups. Whilst Microsoft ensures your data stays safe whilst in the data centre, it is unable to protect you from any data loss due to errors within your company, such as an employee accidentally or deliberately deleting files and folders, or from a malicious action like hacking, ransomware or other such problems.

This is why a third-party backup and restore solution is required, to help protect your organisation from loss of data and downtime, and provide accurate and reliable data restore options.

At First Class Technologies, we offer a low-cost solution to provide the security you need.

Benefits include:

• Retention and archiving of critical data for compliance purposes

• Protection against data loss

• Provision of automated and on-demand back-up to give you ultimate control

• Easily managed Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint backups.

• Preservation of email data for former employees

• Back ups taken multiple times a day

• Data retained for between 1 and 7 years, depending on your system

To find out more, just contact us.


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