Backup and Business Continuity

Business continuity is a critical factor in today’s modern age, ensuring an organisation continues to function, recovering quickly and seamlessly from any interruption.

First Class Backup Solutions

All IT systems need a suitable backup and disaster recovery solution. Any catastrophic loss of data, whether from corruption, loss or physical damage, can be devastating to a company’s ability to function and, in the majority of cases, unfortunately the consequences of such loss ultimately leads to the demise of the business.

  • How much does downtime actually cost a business?
  • Can the true costs actually be measured?

Over the past twenty five years, First Class has developed solutions to suit all business models in respect of backup and business continuity.

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    Ensure Business Continuity

    It is vital to ensure that your data is securely stored away from any potential disasters. First Class will back up basic files and folders, snapshots and image chains to both onsite and offsite data storage so that if disaster strikes, your files are safe and easily recoverable, allowing your business to continue with minimal disruption.

    Fully Automated Backups

    All backups are automated, thereby removing the need for human interaction so the process does not get overlooked. Reports and logs are checked daily by our engineers for errors and issues.

    Flexible Backup Schedules

    Every business produces their own level of new data, so the requirements are never the same from one business to the next. FCT offer flexibility in frequency of backup snapshots, traditionally hourly, weekly and monthly but can be set to your individual preference, allowing you to balance cost with the right level of data security that you need.

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    Our team of specialist IT consultants can assist with a range of Backup Services that include

    • Local backup
    • Cloud Backup
    • Automated Scheduled Backups