Promethean Interactive Displays

Promethean interactive displays are a range of award-winning screens designed by teachers for education. With an interactive whiteboard, your educational facility can transform your classroom experience and provide next-generation lesson delivery that puts technology at the forefront of learning. 

Award-Winning Educational Displays

 The Promethean interactive displays are high-quality products that encourage collaboration and engagement in new and intriguing ways. From building lessons to references resources across the internet, an electronic whiteboard will revolutionise your classroom. 


The ActivPanel Elements series is a creation that brings ease of use with a new user-friendly interface, strong security, and robust manageability to teachers and students. 
Teachers and students get all of the essentials in one package with a focus on value. These Promethean interactive displays are a cross-platform solution compatible with Mac, Linus, and Windows. 
The Promethean interactive displays include the large 65” Cobalt model and the most powerful Titanium model, both enjoying a unified menu that lets teachers move between resources and content without interrupting lesson flow. If you are searching for a model with a dry erase surface, you should consider the Promethean ActivBoard. 

Lesson Driven Software

Promethean interactive displays bring the software your teachers need to motivate their students. ActivInspire is a powerful suite of lesson creation and delivery tools, including Equation Editor, Magic Ink, and Spotlight Focus, among many others. Multi-touch and dual-user functionality are a crucial feature of these Promethean interactive displays. 
The ClassFlow cloud-based software makes everything accessible anywhere and anytime, further encouraging student engagement. This software includes interactive lessons, quizzes, polls, activities, and access to thousands of educational resources from around the world. 

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