Managed Wireless Solutions

First Class Technologies provides wireless solutions for schools that offer students and teachers with internet access, email, and much more. We create fast, reliable, and innovative wireless network solutions that support the high bandwidth-needs of educational multimedia content.

In Building Wireless Solutions For Schools​

Our comprehensive range of wireless solutions for schools, colleges, and universities are designed to meet the changing dynamics of teaching and learning. We will provide you with a high-capacity wireless solution with a seamless and secure transition.

We offer consultation, advice and supply the latest wireless technology solutions, including controllers and wireless access points, appropriate to the scope and size of your intended network.

Wireless Technology Solutions For Schools Of All Sizes 

Our school wireless solutions are ideal for educational establishments of all sizes. We will conduct a site survey to assess your coverage and system needs, considering the number of users, types of devices, and the applications they use.

Whether you are expanding your coverage, scaling up to meet increasing demand, or improving your security, our experts are here to help you find the right managed wifi solutions. 

We can help your school migrate fully onto a managed wireless solution or help you combine the best elements of wired and wireless networking.

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    Managed IT Support For Education

    Since 1997, First Class Technologies has been at the forefront of providing educational IT support and product installation projects for schools, colleges, and universities. Our highly skilled team are experienced in a range of services to cover every element of additional IT support.

    Network Cabling

    Our network engineers are ready to provide IT support for education at all parts of the project, from network planning with provision for future growth to data cable installation, troubleshooting, and security upgrades.

    Office 365 Migration

    Operate with efficiency using the Microsoft 365 online office and productivity suite.

    Projectors & Sound Systems

    While the latest projectors and sound systems are user-friendly, faculty heads, teachers, and students of all ages often need support and guidance from a friendly and understandable team of experts.

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    Network Cabling

    Experienced specialists in getting your network connected - from network planning through to data cable installation.

    Managed Wireless Solutions

    Fast, reliable, and innovative wireless network solutions that support the high bandwidth-needs of educational multimedia content

    Children In Classroom

    School Projectors & Sound Systems

    Versatile, adaptable projector and sound systems to aid with learning new languages, exploring geography or inter-school collaboration.

    If you're looking for IT Services For Schools, get in touch with us today.

    Our team of specialist IT consultants can assist with a range of Managed IT Services that include

    • Interactive whiteboards
    • Network cabling
    • Managed wireless solutions
    • Projectors and sound systems

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