Managed IT Services For The Finance Sector

The importance of data within the finance sector cannot be unnoticed. Working, up to date software and hardware for storage, processing, and protection are vital to a successful accountancy firm.  Across the UK managing cybersecurity threats and GDPR practises has become a high priority, with many finance firms of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporate offices, having adopted a new digital working approach and offering remote working access.

However, not only are data breaches a high risk within the finance industry, but each minute within the day also equates to money. Your IT infrastructure is the central point to a successful day. Without sufficient, up to date hardware and software, correct infrastructure equipment, design, power, and cabling, your business continuity is impacted.

Tailored IT Solutions For Accountants

Our managed IT services for the finance sector offers over 25 years’ worth of experience. With a highly skilled team able to provide each element of additional IT support, our services improve efficiency, performance, productivity, collaboration and control, to streamline your business.

Partnered with top vendors such as Dell, Microsoft, and Sophos, we can provide a tailored and configured approach. Gaining a breath of knowledge of the needs and pressures within the finance sector, as well as having business and technical understanding.

Our monitoring, advanced helpdesk, and support systems offer leading consultancy around cybersecurity, design, and implementation to aid your accountancy company. With strategic advice and expertise around cloud backup solutions and Microsoft Azure for disaster recovery. First Class Technologies offers simple, clear, responses to strengthen your business operations, regardless of size.

We know new and updated systems can often be daunting which is why we offer varying deployment options. Either as on-site support, pro-active off-site, or a bespoke third line support and consultancy package to complement your in-house IT team. Covering areas across the East Midlands and West Midlands as well as specific regions such as Tamworth, Lichfield, Stafford, and Birmingham.  If you’re looking for managed IT services within the finance sector, then look no further and get in touch with us today.

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    Cloud backup for business

    Our service can be customised to suit your business, whether you have a single office or multiple locations. Furthermore, our team is highly experienced in all aspects of managed IT and cloud services. We can also assist you with hosted desktop services, cybersecurity, and more.

    How our cloud backup services work

    Data is entirely offsite, so you have complete protection from onsite threats. As part of your managed business continuity, our cloud backup service gives you fast and efficient backups of critical data. When you work with First Class Technologies, you gain access to one of the best cloud backup for business providers.

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