Office 365 Migration

First Class Technologies specialises in Office 365 migration, helping businesses upgrade to the latest technology in the most efficient way. Our Office migration service has been designed to seamlessly bring similar applications together to help your business increase collaboration and capitalise on the convenience and protection that Office provides.

We use specialised tools to perform your Office 365 migration, and these ensure there is no risk to your data and no downtime for your business. If you are looking to migrate from current system to Office 365 or want to know more about the service’s features, we can help.

Full Office 365 Packages Including Email Migration

Microsoft Office 365 for Business is a cloud service that features hosted email i.e. Exchange. Our Office 365 migration service includes email migration, allowing your team to work from anywhere and on any device. Once your business migrates its email to Office 365, your privacy is safeguarded. All incoming and outgoing content is scanned to protect you against malicious links, dangerous attachments, and sophisticated attacks.

With options starting from £3.60 per user per month for hosted email, including spam protection and filtering up to the complete package which adds Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, Teams, and the latest version of Microsoft Office Pro, there is a package to suit any business.

If you are looking to save on IT costs, remove vulnerabilities, and want a scalable solution, then our Office 365 migration service is for you.

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    Office 365 Options & Pricing

    Find great value with a choice of Business Essentials, Business or Business Premium packages

    Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Email

    Hassle free, migration to guaranteed, secure hosted email servers.

    SharePoint & OneDrive

    Improve collaboration and always have data to hand with cloud based file storage and management solutions.


    Ideal for multi-site locations, home workers and anyone needing instant messaging and video conferencing.

    Office Web Apps

    Web versions of all your favourite Office software allowing you to view and edit on the move.

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    We use a proven five-step process – assess, migrate, deploy, support and backup.

    Assess Your Needs

    We spend time with you to understand your unique business needs. Our team will assess the challenges and review your current infrastructure. This will allow us to recommend the right Office 365 products for your business and produce a migration plan that works best for you.


    We use specialist migration technology to perform the data migration from your current systems to Office 365. This process is particularly essential when you migrate the mailbox to Office 365. Our experienced team will make the process of switching as smooth and easy as possible for you and your team, moving all of your existing email into Office 365 with no loss of data or downtime.


    Once the initial migration is complete, we again use the latest industry tools to roll out Office 365 to your users. Our advanced migration system will even automatically reconfigure Outlook. Your team will be able to switch seamlessly to Office 365 with our service. We provide support for your users on Office 365 products such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Teams to ensure they get the best value from the new system.


    We’re with you every step of the way. We provide support during the whole migration process to make sure the system is working at its best for your business. Microsoft has invested millions of pounds into the Office 365 infrastructure. Your data is kept in highly secure data centres, and Microsoft offers a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.


    We strongly recommend adding a specialist backup solution to your portfolio to ensure you have full access and control over your data. The misconception that Microsoft has a long term retention policy that fully backs up your data such that it will be recoverable in the event of an accidental or malicious deletion by a user is quite common. We would be pleased to discuss this further with you.

    Why Choose First Class?

    When you choose First Class Technologies for your Office 365 migration, you can expect:
    • Office 365 products that are tailored to suit your business needs
    • Ongoing support throughout the Office 365 migration
    • Training and support for your personnel
    We also offer a wide range of ongoing support options, including Office 365 Backup and Office 365 Cloud App Security.