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We’ve had a number of enquiries from educational organisations recently about the G-Touch® Opal Range of touch screens, built to empower creativity and communication, so here’s some more information.

G-Touch – Touch the future
Discover the G-Touch® Opal Range, a screen that not only retains the features of its predecessors but also introduces enhanced connectivity with USB Type C, increased memory, expanded data storage, and seamless Bluetooth integration.

Equipped with Android 11 and the latest chipset technology, the Opal Range ensures swift and responsive performance with its user-friendly 3-touch rule, allowing users to access any function within just three touches. This intuitive design ensures a seamless and straightforward interaction with the G-Touch® screens.

The products are backed by a dedicated internal UK support team and include a comprehensive warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in your investment.

With a commitment to user experience, the G-Touch® Opal transcends traditional screen functionalities, helping to foster an immersive environment where collaboration between a multitude of users becomes second nature, turning the workplace or classroom into a hub of creativity and synergy.

Multi-Touch: Experience seamless collaboration with advanced multi-touch technology, enabling multiple users to work simultaneously on the screen.

Dual Pen: The screen intuitively detects whether you’re using a pen or your finger, offering precise control and seamless switching between input methods for a fluid user experience.

OPS Slot: Elevate your experience with the optional built-in PC feature, integrated through an innovative ‘slide and secure’ fitting system. Upgrade with ease and efficiency to meet your evolving needs.

Gesture Control: Effortlessly execute complex commands with simple swipes, mirroring familiar smartphone gestures like pinch to zoom and image rotation, enhancing interaction on our touchscreens.

Blue Light Filter: Say goodbye to digital eye strain with advanced blue light filter technology. Reduce harmful blue light emission from the screen, minimising eye fatigue and ensuring comfort even during extended usage periods.

Glare-Free Clarity: Combined with the brilliance of LED panel, enjoy glare-free viewing experiences with uncompromised visual clarity in any lighting conditions.

Buttons and connection ports are now front facing for easy access, and side facing for a neater and more permanent option, allowing devices to be connected through a range of multiple inputs; this makes it ideal for a variation between permanent and visiting staff and guests.

Android Integration: Explore a world of possibilities with access to the Genee App Store, opening up a realm of applications.

Write with Precision, Lag-Free: The Opal’s short response time delivers a natural and fluid writing experience with virtually no lag. Unleash creativity with the included magnetic pen, ensuring precision in every stroke.

MDM Integration: Take control with the Opal’s integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Experience centralised control through a user-friendly cloud platform, allowing you to efficiently manage multiple screens, share messages, and effortlessly perform software updates for a streamlined and connected experience.

USB Type C: With just one cable, transmit data, audio, video, Ethernet, touch input, and power. Declutter your classroom or workspace with this advanced USB connectivity.

The Opal has built-in wireless display mirroring. This allows everyone in the room to cast their Apple, Google, Android or PC device directly to the screen, allowing the option for immediate feedback. Simply, press screen mirroring on your device, enter the code which is displayed on the screen and you will be connected.

The Gem Series comes with the Genee App Store pre-installed. The store provides quick and easy access to a range of applications. The Genee App store has hundreds of apps with over 80% being free of charge.

GEM Series is compatible with:


• Microsoft Teams

• Microsoft Office

• Onedrive

• Zoom

• Google Workspace

• Dropbox

• Google Meet

If you’d like to find out more about these screens, please contact us.

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