So how does it all work…?

Running on the state of the art Microsoft Azure platform, we design and manage our own network of servers and storage to provide our Hosted Desktop servers but with the added benefit of millions of pounds invested by Microsoft to provide a world class hosting platform which is fully redundant and extremely secure.  So secure, in fact, that it is currently the only enterprise hosting platform to be certified by the EU data protection authority!

Our hosted desktop servers run the latest Microsoft 2012 server operating system and operate on a resilient platform that can be migrated seamlessly across independent hardware to provide resilience against server failure.  Our data is replicated three times for redundancy and we also take a daily off-site backup.

In other words, you can sleep at night knowing your IT systems are in great hands, actually the best hands in IT!

All you need to do is connect up to the Remote Desktop software from your desktop PC or Mac, tablet or phone and you will instantly have access to all of your systems.

We have a dedicated hosted desktop help desk available to provide any support that you require.


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