First Class Technologies partners with a specialist UK based education sector solution house, providing filtering and monitoring systems and firewalls for schools and colleges.

Fully compliant with the UK Safer Internet Centre’s Appropriate Filtering” programme. Supporting both the IWF and CTIRU counter-terrorism filtering categories.

The solution is well established, field proven, developed and supported in the UK.

In 2024, it is one of the most important educational tools, evident that the systems required to keep pupils safe in the modern world would have to be able to grow with one of the most rapidly changing systems on the planet. The UK Government guidelines now demand more than the traditional URL lists and simple filters. From the very beginning the system pioneered real-time content analysis, believing this to be the best way to rapidly adjust to an ever-changing landscape.

• Comprehensive reporting
• Ensure the establishment is protecting your pupils with a powerful array of customisable reports.
• Built for Education
• Designed, built and supported in the UK for schools implementing the recommendations from the UK Safer Internet Centre and the new DFE “Filtering and monitoring standards” document.
• Deep Content Inspection
• Instant real-time filtering and categorisation of web content
• Local and remote control
• The ability to instantly update filters from anywhere on campus, vital for the smooth running of lessons.
• Support team comprises engineers with comprehensive networking experience and an excellent understanding of both the UK Government’s safeguarding guidelines and the technical realities of complying with these guidelines. Cost effective protection, with multiple support levels.

Whatever your size and requirements, the solution is scalable to suit. For more information, contact First Class Technologies.


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