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A cloud hosted desktop is the ideal solution for companies that have ten or more desktop users. A cloud virtual desktop will help your business reduce and keep control of costs while providing your oraganisation with a highly-available business IT service.

Hosted Desktop Solutions

Our hosted desktop solutions are designed and managed in-house by us and run on the state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure server platform. With an Azure hosted desktop and First Class Technologies customisation, design, and management, your business is in safe and secure hands.

To gain instant access to your hosted Windows desktop service, all you need is an internet connection. Your business will then enjoy all of the benefits of an on-premise solution, such as Microsoft Office, with shared and personal file access.

To find out more about hosted desktops and for a free demo, contact our Lichfield based team today.

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    Hosted Desktop Providers

    When you work with one of the best hosted virtual desktop providers, such as Lichfield based First Class Technologies, we can customise the remote desktop hosting system to support any business application that you need to run.

    Furthermore, our hosted desktop services provide the additional benefits of a hosted cloud solution, such as always backed up data for disaster recovery resilience and no worries about costly CAPEX spend on hardware.

    How our cloud backup services work

    One of the most significant benefits of a hosted desktop solution is that you save money on desktop hardware because any authorised device can access the service, including a thin client device. Our cloud hosted desktop for business service starts from £45 plus VAT per user per month.

    Our hosted desktop solution includes Windows 2012 desktop, Office 2013 Pro, 50GB Exchange mailbox with anti-spam and 20GB of data storage per user

    If you need a hosted desktop that includes custom applications, we can provide it for an additional cost.

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    Our team of specialist IT consultants can assist with a range of Hosted Desktop Services that include

    • Azure servers
    • Multi-device access
    • 20GB data storage per user
    • Cloud backup
    • Technical support