SMART Board Interactive Displays

First Class Technologies bring your teaching into the 21st Century with a SMART Board designed to optimise learning outcomes. Your school and students can enjoy the benefits of interactive displays that are whiteboards built by teachers to support teachers. 

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards

Our SMARTTech technology is a high-quality solution that allows educators to switch from writing on a whiteboard to browsing the internet at the touch of a button.

You can choose the size you need with a fantastic choice of SMART Board models to suit various budgets. Designed to have a long working life, this technology is a great investment that will deliver excellent results for years to come. 
The MX series of SMART Board includes interactive tools at a price you can easily afford. The 6000 and 7000 series are the latest models that bridge digital and physical learning, bringing them together with interactive technology and sensors to optimize output to the classroom’s environment. 

SMART Board Software

The SMART Board comes with free learning software to ensure you can get going right out of the box. The software package is specially designed to encourage collaborative experiences and help teachers transform their content into interactive lessons, following the workflows they are already familiar with. 

The solution we provide meets your regulatory compliance requirements and runs with Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS platforms for screen sharing and media streaming. Teachers can write in PDFs and Microsoft Office files and save their notes in almost any file type. 

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    Managed IT Support For Education

    Since 1997, First Class Technologies has been at the forefront of providing educational IT support and product installation projects for schools, colleges, and universities. Our highly skilled team are experienced in a range of services to cover every element of additional IT support.

    Network Cabling

    Our network engineers are ready to provide IT support for education at all parts of the project, from network planning with provision for future growth to data cable installation, troubleshooting, and security upgrades.

    Managed Wireless Solutions

    An innovative wireless network is crucial for dynamic learning environments. Our IT support for schools includes consultation, site surveys, advice, and supply of advanced wireless solutions, no matter the intended size and scope of your network.

    Projectors & Sound Systems

    While the latest projectors and sound systems are user-friendly, faculty heads, teachers, and students of all ages often need support and guidance from a friendly and understandable team of experts.

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    • Managed wireless solutions
    • Projectors and sound systems

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