Our latest managed IT client are a firm of charted surveyors based in Nottingham city centre. FCT will be providing them with remote managed IT services and monitoring for their IT infrastructure. We will also be working on a project for them in 2017 to migrate their file data to Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online. This will give the firm much needed remote access to important documents and files, as well as providing great disaster recovery options.


We have recently added a Derby and Burton based accountancy firm to our list of Managed IT clients. This particular client has around 30 users and we will be providing remote IT support for them. In addition to managed IT services, we have carried out a number or projects to improve their IT systems, including migrating their email to Microsoft Office 365 and installing a Datto backup and disaster recovery system.


Whether you’re setting up a new business, or looking to update outdated office software – you’ll no doubt be considering the option to use Microsoft Office 365.

With its already familiar applications of Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, Microsoft 365 is a popular choice for businesses like yours in helping to boost productivity and access the very best, and latest word processing, spreadsheet, email and presentation software to suit your business needs.

But what makes Microsoft Office 365 different, and is it right for your business needs? To find out the answers, we first need to consider the basics; exactly what is Microsoft 365 and what are the benefits of purchasing Microsoft 365?

What is Microsoft 365? 

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service that allows users to work in office applications anywhere, at any time and on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Office 365 users can now install a number of great office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access on to their computers and devices. Microsoft 365 cloud based services then allows users to store a massive 1TB of data online (per user), with freedom to create, edit and share documents with anyone and in real time.

In addition to the valuable anytime access (online or offline) for office applications, Microsoft 365 users will be provided with the very latest versions of software available, built-in security as well as email hosting services and synchronised calendar access.

There are a number of Microsoft 365 plans for personal use, students and businesses; but today we’re going to focus on how Office 365 Business can help increase productivity for you.

Is Office 365 Business Right for My Needs? 

When deciding on the best office applications for your business, it’s important to consider the costs involved as well as usability and reliability.

Thankfully Office 365 Business packages are designed to meet these requirements, with surprisingly affordable monthly costs for a variety of packages to boost productivity and help deliver ROI.

Each Office 365 Business package comes with the following features as a minimum:

  • Online versions of the latest Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint so that you can work wherever you are, on whichever device you prefer.
  • 1 TB of data storage per user for a generous amount of space to save and securely save your projects using Microsoft office cloud.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime and financially backed service level agreement to provide you with complete peace of mind that you can access vital details when you need them
  • Easy management of user credentials and permissions for increased security
  • World class security and encryption to keep your data safe and secure.

In addition to these, Office 365 Business premium packages are provided at affordable prices to include:

  • Fully installed Office applications up to 5 PC’s/Macs, 5 tablets and 5 smartphones so that your team can be completely in sync wherever they are working
  • Business class email that reflects your company name, all with 50GB of storage per user; perfect for company start-ups
  • Unlimited online meetings, instant messaging, corporate social network and work management tools for streamlined collaboration and communication
  • SharePoint access, used for sharing, storing and backing up vital company data

As you can see, Office 365 Business provides a compelling package of benefits for businesses.

Rather than the usual practice of making a one-time purchase of Microsoft Office for use on a single PC or Mac, Office 365 Business can be fully installed on a number of computers and devices, and always with the latest versions.

The Benefits of Office 365 Business Packages

Of course, it all sounds very appealing, but how does Office 365 help improve your business, and what makes it different from purchasing the one-off, non-subscription software?

Well, Office 365 Business packages save on additional costs and hassle that are associated with updating IT software and managing data storage, for example:

  • You can save on that expensive initial outlay purchasing individual software licenses for every individual (and then the time involved installing them to each computer)
  • Compatibility problems will no longer be a worry when you always have access to the latest versions and easy sharing options
  • Additional server equipment for storage won’t be necessary when using Microsoft 365 cloud services to store data, nor will reaching the limit of storage suddenly cause your whole system to slow down as the case with older / full servers.
  • With costs starting as low as £2.50 per month, new business start-up costs can be kept as low as possible
  • Out-of-date software will be a thing of the past with FREE updates to latest versions
  • High uptime of 99.9% along with anytime access will minimise delay and time wasting, which in itself will increase productivity and help boost that bottom line
  • You can be sure of safe and secure data storage away from prying eyes when using Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

How Secure is Microsoft Office 365 Cloud?

Concerned about the risks of storing data on the internet with office 365 cloud?

So was Microsoft. That’s why they’ve spent massive amounts of time and money making sure their office 365 cloud services have the best online security available.

To make sure that Microsoft 365 cloud services are completely secure, all data used, whether it’s at rest or being transmitted is completely encrypted. Microsoft even guarantee that none of your content will ever be accessed by them, or used for advertising so that there is no chance of data being released inadvertently.

Office 365 cloud also ensures data is not just secure, but safe from loss with unbelievably regular back-up processes so that it can be restored quickly in the event of accidental deletion – also handy if you forget to renew your subscription as Microsoft allow a timeframe to recover your data.

On the user end of Microsoft office cloud services, you are able to completely manage your privacy settings so that you can control who is able to see certain information, and who cannot; perfect for keeping those HR documents confidential.

How do I find reliable Office 365 Microsoft Partners?

While the idea of using Microsoft Office 365 Business package sounds great in principle; we understand that migrating all your email and information over to this new cloud-based system can be a daunting prospect (especially if your business is large or has already been trading for quite a while).

However, here at First Class Technologies, we can make the process completely hassle free and reliable. As Microsoft Partners (for Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions) we are trained and experienced in getting you started and supporting you in getting the best from Office 365 Business packages.

With the latest migration technology available, we ensure the process of transferring your systems over to Office 365 is streamlined and avoids loss of data or downtime, so that you can focus on running your business without frustrating waiting times.

Because we are Microsoft Partners, we have been authorised to provide the best training and support to help you get your money’s worth from Office 365 products. So applications that may be new to you, such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business or Skype for Business will become a fundamental part of your everyday office use and help increase efficiency.

Any problems or concerns with email or Office 365 Business packages? With our support as Microsoft Partners, you can get straight through to our technicians and access immediate advice on email or phone, saving you time and hassle going direct to Microsoft’s busy helpline.

So now you can access the benefits and cost savings of Microsoft Office 365 Business packages and Office 365 cloud services without fear of losing data, risking downtime or spending hours reading how-to help guides.

For an effortless transition from your current office system to Microsoft Office 365 Business package, contact First Class Technologies on 01543 414152, or email us your request today.