We have just completed a project for a national charity with headquarters based in Nottingham, to make the move to Office 365 for their email.

The charity had 90 users and over 100 mailboxes on their existing Exchange email server, which they managed in-house. Using our special Office 365 migration system, we were able to perform a cutover migration so that their email was migrated over to Office 365 in just one day! This made for a smooth and quick migration for the charity.

If you are looking to move to Office 365 then please get in touch to see how we can help with your migration project.

Office 365


1. DO NOT OPEN any attachments you are not expecting to receive (especially filenames ending with ‘.exe’).

2. DO N OT DOWNLOAD anything suspicious without checking with your IT department.

3. DO NOT CLICK on links in emails or give away personal details unless you know the sender. Your bank will never ask for details via email.

4. UPDATE YOUR ANTIVIRUS which will help identify and stop emails containing viruses.

5. IF YOU SUSPECT AN ISSUE, unplug every cable from your computer (or switch off your laptop) and contact your IT support immediately.

6. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE with all of the above!